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Plant Based Treats For Dogs

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Before we start this post I just want to say that I am not saying to switch your Dog to a Vegan diet or telling you what to feed your pooch. This blog is to share what I have learned/seen in the hope it might help others. Now, on with the blog!

Surprisingly many people feed plant based treats to their Dogs for many other reasons than being Vegan/Vegetarian themselves, after doing some research I wanted to share some of the positives of switching a few meaty treats to plant based for your pooch! 

Health - Dogs produce amylase, an enzyme for digesting starch, no wonder they always want my Banana in the morning! As a result Dogs can easily breakdown Fruits and Veggies for energy and nutrients. Chop up some Banana, its packed full of potassium, a handful of blueberries packed full of antioxidants or a stalk of Broccoli thats high in fibre and vitamin C for an extra burst of energy! I purchased some Carrots from the local market a few weeks ago, the man asked why I was getting so many and I told him they were for my 5 Dogs, he had no idea Dogs could eat Carrots! So spread the word! Its the cheapest Dog treat and loaded with health benefits!

Allergies - Many Dogs suffer with food allergies and it can be incredibly difficult knowing how to give your Dogs treats without upsetting your Dogs tummy/skin. Surprisingly common Dog allergies include Beef, Chicken and Grain. Plant based treats tend to be Hypoallergenic allowing Dogs with allergies to enjoy some treats without the upset tummy, scratching or licking!

Weight - Okay, hands up, who has probably been giving their Dogs extra treats over lockdown to keep them good while in a zoom meeting! Chews are amazing for Dogs however meaty chews can be fattening, along with exercise switching out a few meaty treats to plant based treats can help keep the extra pounds at bay as fruits and veg make for delicious. nutritious, low calorie treats!

Sustainability - Animal agriculture is not sustainable at the rate the populations are growing, meat production can't possibly keep up. Switching a few meat based treats for plant based supports a much more sustainable food system. 

Ethics - By avoiding meat where possible we can prevent animal suffering. (Am not going to go into this subject too much more here, the information is easily available and I don't want to push it onto anyone.)

Grow your own - A lot more people are now Gardening, after so many lockdowns our Gardens became a place to escape. You can grow Vegetables in the smallest of spaces and a packet of seeds only costs a few pounds so why not give it ago and grow some veggies for you and your Dogs to enjoy!

Heres some of our favourite plant based goodies for Dogs



Denzel's Plant Bites - Natural rewards for Dogs, these are great for training or when out on walks! Grab a bag for £3

Vegetable Ear - A great alternative to a Pigs ear and the best bit, it doesn't smell as bad! Great for trips to the pub with your Dog to keep them entertained while enjoying a drink. They also make great dental chews helping to remove plaque. Grab a Veg ear for £1.00

Green & Wilds - Wild Garden Herbal Bakes are packed full of vitamins, minerals and herbs good for bone and joint conditions, urinary tract health, liver and kidney health with natural anti-oxidants.  Also good for calming anxious dogs: with dandelion, rosehip, spinach, nettle, alfalfa, chamomile & carob. Grab a bag for £4.99.

Want to see our other plant based goodies? Click here to see more.

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