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Dog Grooming Price List

New Puppy Groom 3-6 months
Bath & Gentle Dry
Nail trim
Ear clean
Finshing Spritz

Puppy Groom 6 - 9 months
Bath, dry & cut
Nail trim and Ear clean
Finshing Spritz

Classic Groom for Dogs
Bath, Dry & Cut
Ear clean & pluck
Nail trim
Finshing Spritz
From £28

Pamper (for dogs that don’t need a trim)
Bath & Dry
Ear clean & Nail Trim
Finishing Spritz
£15 - £20

Bath & towel dry - £10
Hand stripping from £35

Nail Clipping £5

We only use natural products in our Groomers from For All Dog Kind, We choice a shamppo suited to youe Dogs Needs and finish with a natural spritz.

Call 01782 632183 to book your Dog in with us.