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Natural Flea Protection


With many of us seeking outdoor adventures with our Dogs and the weather trying to warm up, it's important to protect your Dogs against Fleas. The big question is, can this be done naturally?

I don't use over the counter flea treatments on my five Dogs, the reason for this being you can prevent Fleas naturally using products we sell in the shop.

First up Shampoo, a nice easy one to add to your Bathroom shelf, we have lots of options to choose from but here are our favourite Shampoos, all made using natural ingredients to help deter fleas. 

Dorwest - Clean & Fresh £9.00

Clean & Fresh Shampoo is now better than ever! Using the distinctive scent of black peppermint essential oil, which is known to deter parasites, alongside eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils, this shampoo helps to keep your pets coat fresh and clean. It has good rinsability with no residue remaining after washing. Use Clean & Fresh Shampoo regularly and you should find that fleas simply don’t want to hang around on your pet!

Be: - Bug free shampoo bar £5.00

Fend off bugs with this exfoliating and moisturising shampoo bar. Our natural formula contains a blend of neem oil and citronella that repels insects and is kinder on your pets skin than other harsh soaps and shampoos. This bar creates a lovely, citrusy lather that leaves your pets fur clean, shiny and bug free. These bars are great for travelling, easy to carry around and no risk of any leaks!


For All Dog Kind - 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo £10.00

Specially formulated ingredients include lavender and patchouli to promote hydration and nourishment, whilst working hard to cleanse and remove any unwanted odours. Contains 'neem' a natural flea, tick and insect deterrent. The results deliver a healthy, scented, shiny coat which you'll be happy to stroke and your dog will be happy to receive. 

Dorwest - Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets £9.99

The Active ingredients in these natural tablets, Garlic & Fenugreek are both natural anti-inflammatories for Dogs. By giving these tablets daily you can increase your Dogs resistance to infections by supporting their immune system. Not only do they help aid a healthy immune system they also create an environment that parasites don't like.

We hope you found some of these product suggestions helpful and they give you the confidence to trial some natural flea deterrent methods. 



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