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Keeping your dog calm during the fireworks

Fireworks night can be stressful for both you and your pooch, to avoid any stress or anxiety follow these simple steps:

1- take your dog for their daily walk during the daytime to avoid being out when the fireworks start.

2- keep them busy! Get out some toys and keep them entertained whilst the fireworks are on as a distraction.

3- Feed them earlier in the day and save some treats for later, this way fireworks can be associated with something positive like a late night snack.

4- create a cosy and safe environment, set up their bed with a favourite toy and play some music to mask the sound.

5- If your dog still seems to be stressed, pop them in the car with the radio on and go for a drive to a quieter loft.

Herbal Remedies 

If your dog is prone to anxiety and noise phobia try the Dorwest natural anxiety remedies.

valerian compound;

A natural, fast acting and easy to give liquid, ideal for unexpected trips or stressful situations. This drop can also be used alongside the scullcap and valerian tablets as a top-up.


Small dogs & cats 1/4 tsp.

• Medium dogs 1/2 tsp.

•Large Dogs 1 tsp.

• Giant breeds 1.5tsp. Given when required.


Scullcap and valerian tablets;


This daily tablet is used to reduce phobias and anxiety, for phobias start giving them to your dog 10 days to a month before depending on the severity of the fear. Without causing any drowsiness these natural tablets help to support the calming pathways within the nervous system.


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