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A National Trust Adventure

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Okay so if you would have told me 10 years ago I would have a National Trust sticker in my car and be a proud member I would have wet myself laughing but naive me back then just thought the National Trust was somewhere posh people went to eat Sandwiches and go "Oh thats lovely" on walks. Am now almost 30, definitely not posh but I do love the National Trust and I have lost count how many places I have been since I got my mitts on a membership, whats even better a lot of places are Dog friendly! So this weeks post is all about days out, dog treats and places we recommend paying a visit too!

The National Trust was founded in 1895 to preserve places of historical interest or natural beauty permanently for the benefit of the nation. Did you know that Beatrix Potter left 4,000 acres of land in the Lake District to the National Trust, and much of that is open to the public to visit today! (I will be visiting this week for my Birthday.)

I don't know about you but during lockdown along with a lot of "oh my god" moments I read a lot more than normal and also went out walking an awful lot! If I hadnt had the luxury of being able to grab my coat, pop on my boots and head out with the Dogs for a few hours I think I would have gone barking mad and it has really made me appreciate the great outdoors and how important it is we look after it! The National trust does just that and with the help of one of our favourite treat brands Forthglade heres some of our favourite National Trust spots!

Ilam Park, Dovedale - The best park has to be the stepping stones, am a cruel Dog mum and watching my little Sausage Dogs try and hop the stones and stay dry is hillarious! If you are looking for a beautiful walk this is a great spot and its free! You just need to pay parking. Theres a little tea room or lots of spots for a picnic.

Downs Banks, Barlasaton - You will often find one of the team members here, its a great spot for a Dog walk and you can make the walk as short or long as you like. Theres lots of streams and rivers for your Dogs to have a splash! Downs banks is free to visit, parking is also free and the nearby town Stone has lots of Dog friendly spots!

Mow Cop, Staffordshire - We have mentioned Mow Cop for Dog walks before but did you know it was a National Trust spot? Its free parking and free entry. Mow Cop its self is beautiful and the walks nearby can take you as far as your feet fancy taking you!

Shugborough Estate, Milford - Not one you might think to take the Dogs along to but Dogs are allowed to explore the grounds and on a sunny day it really is beautiful! Theres endless parkland and woodland to explore!

The Cloud, Congleton - If you want to blow away the cobwebs this is the walk for you and your Dogs! I recommend going in the morning and starting the day with a good walk and beautiful scenery! It can get a bit windy so wrap up on colder days. I like to take a flask of coffee and enjoy it at the top!


Alderley Edge & Cheshire countryside - If exploring endless woodland paths with stunning views and autumnal feels is up your street then get in the car, wrap up warm and head to Alderley Edge. Theres lots of guided walks, you can explore the industrial archaeology, geology and legends of Alderley Edge. We stummbled by the carpark by chance one day and decided it was worth a nose, am so glad we did! You definitley need some good shoes on as it can get a bit muddy.

There are so many wonderful places to explore with the National trust and you don't need to be a member, for more information head to their webpage.

Don't forget to grab a bag or two of our range of Forthglade treats in partnership with the National trust. Grab a bag.




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