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Swim paws - can a long Dog learn to swim?

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How is it that when your Dog needs something you don't question the cost? Would I spend £25 on myself to go swimming for 30 mins, nope. Do I think twice about paying it for my Dog, nah, take my money.

Okay so let's take it back a few weeks, our Dog Loki hurt himself playfighting in the garden. He landed badly and we knew straight away something just wasn't right with our little sausage. After 8 LONG weeks crate rest and pain killers, it was time to get little Loki back on his paws but, we were going to need some help! We noticed with all the crate rest Loki was incredibly weak, he would tire quickly and rush back to his crate. I knew he needed a little pick me up and added Dorwest Glucosamine and Chondroitin tablets to his day to help build him back up and help his joints recover from so much rest and lack of movement. Loki has one tablet a day split in two, one in the morning before his walk and one before bedtime. Recently, many of you have been asking 'how should I care for my dogs sore or stiff joints?". Our answer is Glucosamine & Chondroitin Tablets and Turmeric Tablets.
Glucosamine & Chondroitin Tablets help maintain healthy joints and protect cartilage and promotes synovial fluid production (the fluid that lubricates joints)

Dorwest herbs

I really wasn't sure what to expect from the tablets and I wasn't sure if we would see any changes. He finished his first tub and I hadn't ordered a replacement in time so he went three days without and the difference in him for not taking his Glucosamine was huge! He slowed down, he seemed uncomfortable and I felt awful, thankfully the tablets arrived fast and have been so impressed I did everything I could to enable Hounds could stock the Dorwest range so you guys can see the benefits on your own dogs! Check the range here. There really is something for every dog.

Dorwest herbs

So, Loki's had his crate rest he's got his Glucosamine tablets but as he's only allowed small short walks but we were struggling to entertain him and keep him active enough safely. I have always been an advocate for hydrotherapy (swimming for dogs) my worry with Loki however is hes scared of EVERYTHING. After a few rough days with him, he seemed down and he was getting annoyed with short walks I picked up the phone and booked him in for his first swim! You can only try, right?

So we rock up to swimming unsure what to do, how he's going to get on if its even the right thing but as soon as we managed to get his long body in a life jacket and his little paws touched the water I knew this was the right treatment for Loki. Don't get me wrong, he's not the perfect swimmer, Dachshunds aren't designed for swimming and trying the steer a long body with little legs is exhausting to watch but the guys at K9 Hydrotherapy knew how to help him, how-to guide him and in his first short session he was starting to show signs that he was getting it!


So here are some guidelines for hydrotherapy I have picked up.

Wear gym gear, you are going to get wet! If you manage to somehow dodge a splash you ain't dodging your excited wet pooch after their swim session!

Get a swim bag, yes it sounds ott but you need a towel, somewhere to put their harness or collar, a space for the money to pay for the session and somewhere to put the wet stinking towel after the swim!

Do not feed three hours before, and wait an hour after the session before feeding to avoid tummy troubles and bloat.

Save the house work for after swimming or anything you like to do without your Dog getting in the way, they will sleep for hours after swimming. Its the perfect time to get jobs done!

So we’ve been swimming with Loki 5 times now, he goes once a week for 30 mins. Here’s a few things we’ve noticed since

his posture has improved, after his accident Loki carried himself with a hunch, he’s still not standing perfect but he’s starting to straighten out already!

hes strong again, this one is very apparent, he’s running around again, he’s trying to jump (so help me) he climbs up me for a cuddle and the big one, he’s now walking for 40+ minutes no problem!

his confidence has shot up! Loki is a nervous dog, he hates change, he hates strangers however since swimming he’s showing more confidence in day to day situations. He even took on a squirrel!

Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy

he now loves swimming! I had an inclination Loki was staring to enjoy swimming but this was confirmed when he tried to jump into a farm troff!

He is comfortable! This is massive! If you’ve had a dog with and injury you’ll know how hard it is to see your dog uncomfortable and struggling to settle, Loki was terrible, he’d toss and turn and cry but now he’s on his back legs are in the air balls out napping the day away!

if you have a dog with an injury, want to strengthen your dog or just want to take your dog swimming I can not recommend it enough! If you are local to Staffordshire then checkout k9 Spa and hydrotherapy centre, it’s where we take Loki and there is nothing these guys don’t know about dogs! Not forgetting to mention they bath and partially dry your dog after their swim! 

After Loki’s swim i treat him to a Puppacino and a treat from the shop, I can’t help it. Am just so proud of him! 
Puppacino After swim

have you taken your dog swimming? Has this post inspired you to take your pooch for a paddle?  A lot of hydrotherapy places offer fun swims so your dog can swim about just for fun! We would love to know if you go swimming with your dog. 

Want to see how Loki is getting on with Dorwest Herbs? Checkout a future blog post here.



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