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Feel Good Dog Food From Edgard & Cooper

dog food edgard edgard and cooper

You are what you eat and the same can be said for our Dogs, at Hounds we sniff out the best food there is on the market so you don't have to and that includes the very colourful and fun Edgard & Cooper range of food and treats! We often get asked how we decide what to sell at Hounds and a lot of the time we hunt brands down ourselves however on a very cold and gloomy day in Newcastle under Lyme in walked an Edgard & Cooper rep. Almost three years ago they were an unheard of brand but their ethos, quality and passion drew me in and I took a chance and placed an order. Back then the range was a lot smaller than it is now but it didn't stop the brand being a firm favourite at Hounds and as time went on the range grew and now offers Food, chews, treats and dental sticks.

So whats so good about Edgard & Cooper? Let me tell you!

Most pet foods are over-processed, what once was a pet food secret is now widely known and has made way for a new brand of quality pet foods, after all nothing beats fresh meat, nutritious offal and simple ingredients, if you are a Dog that is, obviously. Edgard & Cooper use lots of fresh meat in their recipes, no processed or dried and absolutely no meal or bone. They mix meat with tasty extras that sound good enough to eat yourself such as fruit, veg, berries and botanicals. It helps balance the kibble and give your Dog everything they need.

Lastly each piece of kibble is carefully cut before slowly baking to help maintain goodness! Why go to so much effort? The fresher the better of course! The smell of fresh meat is enough to send your Dog tail wagging mad and even the fussy Dogs out there can't resist a bite. Added nutrients aid a healty pooch both inside and out. Lastly Edgard & Cooper is easy on your Dogs tummy!

Have we sold how fabulous Edgard & Cooper are yet? Either way heres some more fun facts that might just convince you to grab a bag from their range when next in store.

They care for our planet. Believe me when I say the Dog world is guilty of using too much plastic and its a constant battle finding good produce thats not covered in the stuff however Edgard & Cooper create their packaging using plants and use metal for tins and cups. So far Edgard & Cooper have avoided using 2,821,298 plastic bags by opting to use plastic free options.

They give back! If you hunt Edgard & Cooper down on Social media you can see for yourself they charity work they dog for pets. They donate 10% of their profits to charity, when ever you make an Edgard & Cooper purchase you are helping Dogs in the Dog care clinic in Sri Lanka heloing give stray Dogs a second chance. to find out more head over to

If you are looking for a new Dog food maybe you have a new puppy arriving soon theres something for all Dogs in the range. If you aren't looking to swap your Dogs food you don't have to miss out theres lots of treats available!

My own Dogs love the bites! We use them a lot on Dog walks as they fit easily into my coat pocket. We also use the Busy Day bars as a meal replacement when out for the day so we don't need to worry about them missing their tea!

Check out our Edgard range here.

Edgard & Cooper can also be found in our shop!

Edgard & Cooper have kindly gifted Hounds a BIG box of Edgard Goodies! Checkout our Instagram for your chance to win!



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