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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Hounds now offers the emmi-pet ultra sonic teeth cleaning service!
This service is the most gentle and effective way to clean your dogs teeth.

This service reduces plaque, bad breath and bacteria in saliva while also promoting blood circulation to your dogs gums.

The ultrasonic toothbrush is gentle, quiet and pain free!

Benefits of the Emmi-pet:

-prevents tartar & gingivitis

-maintains oral hygiene

- no pain or anaesthesia

-reduces plaque & stimulates the gums

- reduces bad breath 

1st appointment/consultation-£5 - 15 minutes 

Your dogs 1st appointment will involve a consultation and general teeth clean (not ultrasonic) and desensitisation to the Emmi-pet, to see how they tolerate the service. This is so we can assess the condition of your dogs teeth and allow the dog to get used to both us and the treatment. 

1st Emmi-pet service- £22 - 30 minutes 

Your dogs 1st Emmi-pet appointment will include the full teeth cleaning service as well as a toothbrush head that will only be used for your dog. This service is ideal for dogs suffering with tartar build up, bad breath or sore gums. The toothbrush head will need to be replaced after approximately 20 treatments, or sooner if required (e.g. your dog is chewing the toothbrush). Toothbrush heads are £7.50 each.

Follow-on treatments- £15 - 30 minutes

*please note that this is not a “magic wand” and it does take time, you may not notice a difference after the 1st or even the 2nd session as this is a gentle and gradual process. Although you may not notice a difference aesthetically there are instant benefits, the ultrasound kills bacteria that is found in the mouth and under the gum line which aids in the reduction of bad breath.