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Antos Filled Antler Dog Chew Peanut Butter Flavour Medium

Antos are manufacturers of grade A antler dog chews.

The antler is naturally shed each year which makes it a sustainable, natural chew for dogs.

Antos has a wide range of natural, healthy dog snack snacks including special dog chews for dental care.

The Antos Filled Antler Dog Chew is a natural piece of deer antler with a tasty peanut butter flavored filling through the center.

This makes for a long lasting but tasty treat.

Your dog will be excited to get to the middle of this chew.

Suitable for dogs over 9 months old.

To avoid a choking risk, take the piece of antler away from your dog when it gets worn down to a size which your dog could easily swallow.

Always supervise your dog when feeding, as filled antler dog chews may splinter.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 11cm x 4cm x 4cmcm

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