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Huxley Hound - Better than Raw treats

Huxley Hound

Another new item to the Hounds collection is Huxley Hound, the first better than raw range of treats made from fully traceable organic vegetables.

So what are the benefits to the Huxley hound range? Dogs love vegetables and they have bundles of benefits for them, however, Dogs can not break down Cellulose ( the bit of the vegetable containing all the nutrients) So event thought they are intaking veggies they are actually missing the best bit.

The flavours and what they offer


A high source of antioxidants. Carrots also have great anti-inflammatory properties great to help aid joint aches and pains.

Beetroot (my dogs favourite)

Rich in manganese, magnesium and phosphate great to help aid a happy healthy heart.

Sweet Potato

A natural source of energy for your dog full of antioxidants. The sweet potato treats are very chewy through the process of dehydration so make a great chew alternative with lots of added benifits.


Parsnips are great for blood sugar levels and can be a great alternative reward treat for dogs on a diet. The latest flavour to the range and something very different for your Dog to try.


The full Huxley Hound range is available in store and online now

huxley hound


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  • Joy on

    Would love to have some samples for my little Japanese Tchin ‘Saska’, Will these be available soon in Switzerland’? Two of our biggest pet stores are DOGS & CATS and QUALIPET which sell all over the country. Any chance of samples? Joy Pattinson, 20C Petites Buttes, Rolle, CH 1180. I know loads of people with dogs hereabouts and am sure they would sell well in this country. Good Luck. Great idea.

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